Dear Mom

Sometimes I think of the times we had 
How you always smiled when things went bad 
You never worried when things got tough 
You always made sure there was enough 
You spread your love to all of your kids 
You gave of yourself when no one else did 
My oh my, how I miss you so 
There are so many things you taught me though 
Like how to live and take care of my needs 
How to be good to others and do good deeds 
I miss our times of just sitting on the stoop 
Sharing wild stories whenever we had the scoop 
Going to the stores to shop for clothes and food 
just going for a ride when you were in the mood 
mother of mine I miss you so 
I am just glad you let me know 
Just how much you cared for us all 
You made me able to stand up tall 
Just one last thing I have to say 
I wish all mothers could be this way.

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