Road trips

Hi there. I am so excited for the month of July! Not only do we get to celebrate our Nation’s birthday, but I have a few family trips on the burner that are going to be very exciting. For the 4th, we are traveling down to Kansas City, MO for some barbeque and fireworks. We will be checking out a couple bbq spots that my son and I visited on our trup back in Oct of 2018 and some new ones like the Woodyard that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Then two weeks later we are traveling down to visit friends in Phoenix, AZ. They just bought they home and we are going to help celebrate their housewarming. And to round out the month we are going up to Duluth, MN so my 7 yr old son gets to hang out with Thomas the Train for a day. And of course no visit to Duluth can be completed without stopping by Grandma’s Grill for delicious, mouth-watering plate of spaghetti. I am so ready for all of these adventures and do look forward to sharing it all with you. Please come back and enjoy some of these adventures.

One thought on “Road trips

  1. I’m excited to see what updates you have to offer after Kansas and what you find in Phoenix!!! Sounds like an amazing month to look forward to my friend. 🙂


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