Happy Holidays: it’s the best time of the year!!

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us and I for one am so excited! I love the upcoming holidays more than any other. For Thanksgiving, I have created the following poem:


By Alfred E. Williams

When you think about what this holiday means
\You kind of get a cozy feeling
\the long night before cooking and chatting in the kitchen
\Baking pies and cakes while the children are sleeping
\Relatives coming in from out of town
\The energy in the air is electric
\the day arrives with warm smiles and hugs
\Remembering the long year that has just passed
\Enjoying family and friends
\Forgiving the misbehavior of the kids
\For they are the future and our hearts go out to them
\While thinking of the elders, the love and guidance they gave
\The ways of the family that they have passed down through the years
\Yes, this is the time of the year for remembrances
\Being thankful that our Father has smiled down on us
\And allowed us to gather as one and give thanks to Him
\For the many blessings that we have received
\And for the blessings to come, we give thanks.

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