Happy Holidays: it’s the best time of the year!!

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us and I for one am so excited! I love the upcoming holidays more than any other. For Thanksgiving, I have created the following poem: Thanksgiving By Alfred E. Williams When you think about what this holiday means \You kind of get a cozyContinue reading “Happy Holidays: it’s the best time of the year!!”

Bullying: A scourge on our society.

                One of the biggest and most dangerous things facing our society today is bullying. It is fast becoming, if not already, the biggest factor in the suicide of young people today. Whether it’s from physical and constant harassment, or the hatred displayed on social media it’s a menace to society.                 What exactly isContinue reading “Bullying: A scourge on our society.”

Arizona: Hot, yet a lot of fun in the desert!

My family and I got an opportunity to travel to Arizona this past July to visit with some family friends that had just recently purchased their new home. My friend Viedell Stewart, his wife Lori and their daughter Breauna, who is our Goddaughter, moved to Arizona from Minnesota about 4 years ago. We, my wifeContinue reading “Arizona: Hot, yet a lot of fun in the desert!”

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